Evolution of Email

 evolution of email english


1965 : Email is introduced at MIT.

1971 : Ray Tomlinson sends the first network email on ARPANET.

1977 : A standard format (RFC 733) is proposed to enable sending email acros the internet.

1977 : U.S. Postal Service begins to see email as potential threat to mail volumes.

1982 : First known use of the word, "email".

1972 : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is introduced.

1988 : The first commecial email product, Microsoft Mail is released for the Mac.

1989 : CompuServe offers Internet connectivity and email service to its subscribers.

1989 : IBM releases Lotus Notes 1.0.

1990 early : Email spam begins.

1990 late : HTML email is introduced, allowing for rich formatting within messages.

1992 : Microsoft Outlook for MS-DOS is released.

1993 : AOL and Delphi connect their proprietary email systems to the Internet.

1993 : BellSouth and IBM unveil Simon Personal Communicator, the world's first mobile phone with PDA features, including email capability.

1996 : Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith launch "HoTMaiL," one of the first free Web-Based email services.

1997 : Microsoft Outlook 97 is released, offering a central hub that includes email, scheduling, contact management, task management and a journal module.

1997 : Yahoo! introduces Yahoo! Mail.

1998 : "Youve Got Mail" premieres at the box office.

1998 : Microsoft Outlook 2000 includes hte ability to customize and incorporate personal, corporate nad Web-based information in one place.

2000 : Microsoft introduces entourage mail for Mac.

2003 : Microsoft Outlook 2003 includes junk mail and anti-phishing filters and the ability to receive mail from multiple accounts.

2004 : The Federal Trade Commission codifies email spam laws.

2006 : Outlook 2007 is released, with native support for RSS feeds and the ability to received text messages.

2006 : Social networking site Facebook opens to the general public.

2007 : Google makes Gmail available to the public worldwide.

2010 : Microsoft Outlook 2010 is released and includes Outlook Social Connector, Ignore Conversation and Conversation Clean Up.

2010 : Outlook Mobile on Windows Phone 7 and Outlook for Mac 2011 are released.

2010 : Facebook announces plans to incorporate Microsoft Office Web Apps into its messaging system.

2011 : Associated Press Stylebook changes "e-mail to "email".