8 Reasons Your Website Should Go Mobile Right Now

Nowsadays, 8-reasons-your-website-should-go-mobile-right-now-thumbnailhaving a mobile version website is becoming increasingly important. Smartphones and tablets can access any website on the web; however, that does not mean the experience will be a pleasant one. If your website is not built or optimized for mobile devices, your users will be dealing with a longer load time (if it loads at all) and a lot of zooming and pinching to read the text. If that doesn’t convince you, here are 8 more reasons to go mobile.


html logo近年来, HTML5已经成为互联网行业的热门词汇。它从何而来?它是如何从一个想法发展到现在的标准呢?让我们来从这个信息图寻找答案。

The History Of HTML 5

html logoHTML5 has been a buzzword in the Internet industry in recent years. Where it come from? How it developed from an idea into a standard now? Let us find the answers together from this infrographic.



电子邮件已经改变了我们所有的互动 - 但你对这个无所不在通讯工具了解多少

Evolution of Email

emailEmail has transformed the way we all interact - but how much do you really know about this omnipresent communication tool?

12 Reasons Not to Have a Flash Website

15 not adobe flashFlash has proven itself to be an amazing platform for designing games, movies, media players, animations, and various other utilities. But when it comes to running a successful website, Flash fails... miserably.